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The testimonials below include College ADs, former and current college coaches, All-Americans, US Lacrosse team members, and Pro League players!

Amy has been a true professional and an invaluable resource in assisting our daughter with her recruiting efforts, leading her to commit to a prestigious Division I program. Her guidance, advice, and proactive consultation were extremely comforting and helpful every step of the way throughout the recruiting process. Due to the competitive nature of the college recruiting business, I highly recommend taking advantage of Amy’s services to assist your daughter in helping her secure her college goals, whatever level they may be. Our family could not be happier with the services Amy has provided and we are confident that she will do the same for you and your family!

-Mike C., Consulting Client Parent, Morristown, NJ

Thank you for all you did. If I could tell everyone, is the money is worth it? Yes, it was the best money we've ever spent! Thank you for what you do and for helping us. I'm so glad I made that phone call and we connected.

-2018, Consulting Client Parent from Saint Louis, MO

Working in a small group with all of those incredible coaches was one of the best days of coaching I’ve ever had. I learned a lot from the drills and the opportunity to ask questions and adjust my game with the feedback they gave me. Also, the leadership workshop was especially great. It was nice to focus on the big picture and our individuals roles in making the team experience the best it can be.

AP Prospect Camper

My middle school daughter was fortunate enough to attend Amy Patton’s BTB Goalie clinic in St Louis, MO. At the end of the 3 hour clinic, my normally reserved child was so excited and talked a mile a minute about all of the outstanding things she learned in their short time together (including a new arc in goal, ways to save bounce shots, drills to make sure she was stepping to the ball and how to keep the ball safe when outside the crease). Coaches Amy and Christine took the time to video my daughter during the clinic as well as watch the playbacks with her to critique her and help her learn. Most of all, the teaching duo was incredibly supportive and communicated at her level since she was the youngest of the group by several years. I believe my daughter’s increased lacrosse IQ, skills as a goal keeper, and continued enthusiasm for the game were elevated as a result of her time with Amy and Christine. I’ve already been asked when they will be back next year! My daughter is ready to show Amy and Christine how she has put her newly learned skills to use and grown over the course of the year!

-Heather C., Parent of Goalie Clinic Participant

Enthusiasm, experience, passion, humility, and friendship. After having the honor to listen to Coach Patton it was these qualities that shined ever so brightly. Coach Patton's willingness to be a sound board, share experiences, serve as mentor, and friend was powerful beyond measure. Anyone who would be so lucky to have an opportunity to hear Coach Patton live will absolutely come away enlightened, motivated, and inspired.

David Cusano
Colby College
Head Track & Field Coach

Amy’s lacrosse knowledge is endless and it has been a privilege to play for her on both the world stage and as a member of the WPLL. Her ability to prepare, encourage and lead are just a few of the reasons for our success last summer.

-Amber McKenzie Captain New England Command, US Lacrosse World Cup

I was directly involved in the coaching of the great game of women's lacrosse at all levels, for over 40 years. There are few coaches who have the understanding, as well as the ability, to teach the game from both a skill and tactical perspective than Coach Patton.  Another area of importance for any college coach is the ability to recruit.  Amy’s understanding of the recruiting process, her ability to assess a player's level of play, and her personal knowledge of lacrosse programs across the country are invaluable resources.  The college recruiting process can be both confusing and at times, overwhelming.  I could not recommend a better "guide" for this journey, than Coach Patton.

Josie Harper Dartmouth College Director of Athletics 2002-2009

1981-2002 Dartmouth Coach
1985-1986 World Cup Coach Head Coach 
2006 US Lacrosse Hall of Fame

Amy Patton’s knowledge of lacrosse and her ability to break down the game is far superior to that of any other coach I know. Her understanding of the components required to accomplish a bigger task, whether skill, fitness, or playing at the collegiate level guarantees player improvement. She will show you how to get stronger, understand the game better, and be prepared for the next step in lacrosse. And, best of all her passion for the game is contagious!

Also from a consulting standpoint, Amy’s expertise as a former Division 1 coach makes her the perfect person to help high school student athletes and their families navigate the recruiting process.

Missy Foote Former Women’s Lacrosse Coach Middlebury College 1977-2016

5 NCAA Lacrosse Championships
2012 US Lacrosse Hall of Fame

No one is better than Amy at taking raw athletes and giving them the lacrosse acumen and mental toughness needed to play at the highest level. She inspires and teaches young women to be leaders on the field, in the classroom, and in their professional pursuits.

Shannie MacKenzie Dartmouth College 2011

2011 Dartmouth College Captain

Amy Patton embodies the truest definition of a coach - on and off the field. With her intense focus on personal, professional, and athletic development, she instilled in me the values of integrity, loyalty, and grit. She taught me the value of accountability, how to lead others, & how to earn the respect of peers as well as those above and below us. She served as a mentor to 26 classes of talented, accomplished women and pushed us to be the best version of ourselves. She taught me how to self-reflect, assess my strengths and weakness, and harness a growth-mindset to continue to improve.

Courtney Bennett Dartmouth College 2013

2013 Dartmouth College Captain

I feel incredibly privileged to have had the opportunity to play under Amy Patton’s leadership during my tenure at Dartmouth. Simply put, her tactical understanding of the game is unparalleled. Not only did Amy teach me how to improve my abilities as an athlete and lacrosse player, but as a person I was constantly pushed to grow to become a bet­ter teammate and leader. I credit many of my accomplishments to Amy’s constant belief in what I was capable of attaining. She often believed in me more than I believed in myself, pushing me to be better across the board because she knew my potential. Now as a high school varsity lacrosse coach, I strive to emulate much of what Amy taught me in my own work as a coach. I aim to serve as a mentor for my players, developing them as athletes as well as young woman of character.

In addition to my day-to-day interaction on the field with my team, I also have spent time working with many of my players as they navigate the recruiting process, an ever changing, multifaceted, and often convoluted process. As a coach working to advocate and support my players, I have consistently turned to college coaches who are in the weeds of the current system for guidance so that I can get a better handle on what the best opportunities would be for a player to showcase their abilities, gain a better sense of what coaches are looking for, and identify a coach’s recruiting timeline.  

Given Amy’s extensive coaching involvement at the DI level and her substantial experience recruiting players for her own program, her insights and knowledge bank will be invaluable for a high school player looking to play at the next level. Not only will Amy help to identify top playing opportunities for players, she will inevitably also provide important support to student-athletes as they strive to recognize which schools and programs will be the best fit for them as individuals. This balance is key to the overall success of the player and will allow them to thrive in a college setting, both as a student and as an athlete.

Sarah Plumb

Ivy Player of the Year 2012
Teacher/Head Lacrosse Coach Ursiline Academy